3 gadgets that were planned, executed, hyped, but failed miserably

We live in a technological age where not one second of our waking hour is spent without the use of technology. From getting information to travelling to enjoying your favorite music everything we do is connected one way or another due to the advancements in technology. I don’t know where we would be without the technological advances that we have made (maybe still in the Stone Age). Some technology was so powerful that it changed our outlook on our daily lives and made us realize that there was now a new and easy way to what we had been doing for such a long time. From the construction of the first wheel to the internet to the first mobile phone every technology until now was created to do two things for humans.

1.Make every task easier

2.Shorten the time taken to perform tasks

As our technology evolves there have been technologies that had a big impact on the world. Similarly companies have been pitted against one another to come up with the best technological advancement so as to always be in front of their competitors. Take Apple and Samsung as example both of these are major competitors in the mobile market and are always trying to one up the other. Both have millions of user still they strive to be the best.

Where sometimes the technology leaves a big impact on the world. Some products are such that they leave little to no impact at all. Or sometimes they are overhyped and fail miserably some such examples are as follows:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

When the Samsung galaxy Note 7 was announced everyone was really hyped about it. It was said to be the most powerful phone and a delicacy among professionals. When it was released people were going crazy about buying this phone and the revenue for Samsung Company was going great. But a little after one month news began flooding n that there was some issue in the phone that caused it to explode while in use. Such a catastrophe for Samsung was unheard of. People began reselling the phone some got hurt in explosions caused by the unstable phones, it was also not allowed on any aircraft. Due to this reason there was massive recall done by the company. To say at the least it was a major disaster for the company.

2. GoPro Karma Drone:

This also one of the most expensive technological disasters. GoPro Karma was advertised as the revolution in Drones. Combining the GoPro function of recording everything while doing almost anything be it swimming, cycling or even jumping out of a plane. The main functions were that it was easy to fly and could be folded to make it easier to carry with you in your backpack. Also you could rotate the camera using a mobile app also. It failed because most customers complained that it didn’t live its complete battery cycle and used to lose power in the air and crashing.

3. Pokémon Go Plus:

Pokémon Go was one of the greatest apps when it was launched. It was very user friendly and was for all ages. Everyone was going around town to catch Pokémon’s in their free time. So, when Pokémon Go Plus was announced it was without a doubt the most hyped accessory in the world. Everyone was waiting to get their hands on it and start training their Pokémon. But when it was launched it was more of a disaster and people quickly lost interest in it. The main reason it failed was because it failed to deliver what it had promised. You didn’t get an alert when a pokemon was near nor did it tell you how much distance you had travelled while the app was running in the background.