Photography Gadgets – Small Items, Big Results

photography gadgets

Do you want to improve your photos with very little effort? Then consider adding some gadgets to your basic photography kit. Gadgets range from simple, inexpensive, “dollar store” items to high-end tripods. What each item has in common is that they are all tools to help you, the photographer, take more imaginative, quality images with less effort. Be resourceful and assemble a camera kit that will take your images to the next level.

Close-Up Lens Set:

Sometimes considered a set of filters rather than lenses. Either way, this is a great little gadget to keep in your camera case. They are much smaller than carrying several macro lenses, and much, less expensive. If you are just dabbling in photography, are on a budget, don’t want to carry around a lot of extra equipment that gets heavy, but wants to experiment with close-up photography, then I suggest adding this item to your kit. I have taken some amazing shots with this little item.

Zip-Close Storage Bags:

These are another handy item to keep in your camera bag. Keep several different sizes, such as snack, sandwich, quart, and gallon. I even keep a two-gallon bag in my kit. They can protect various size items in your kit from bad weather as well as condensation. Keep them handy for those extreme occasions.

Lens Paper: Also known as lens tissue.

This is a small item that can mean the difference between a great shot and an, “Oh, that’s too bad” shot. Also, don’t skimp on this item! Using an inappropriate paper, tissue, or cloth, can scratch your lens.

Vest: A photographer’s vest.

However, if you are on a budget and just starting out, it is possible to get a vest at almost half the cost. How? Look for a fishing vest and modify it to your personal needs. This is another subject that can have a more lengthy discussion in another article.

Cheat Sheet:

Cheat Sheets are little-laminated cards sold in camera stores that distil the thick instruction books of specific camera models onto one small durable card. They are quick reference guides and store easily into your camera kit, or in a pocket of your photographer’s vest.

Stabilizer Strap:

A stabilizer strap not only keeps your camera from flinging around during the time it is on your body but not being used, it also distributes the weight of the camera and is more comfortable on the neck and back. I highly recommend this item.

Emergency Poncho:

Again, a non-traditional item in a non-traditional place. The mega-discount stores and dollar stores usually carry these disposable items for a dollar or so. They are smaller than a deck of cards and easy to tuck into your camera bag. If you are out and about with your camera and get caught in a rain storm, this little item can save you hundreds of dollars in camera damage.

Multi-tool (Swiss Army Knife):

This little tool packs a lot of gadgets into one small item. It is an essential piece of equipment to have in your camera kit. Items such as screwdriver, scissors, knife, pick, pliers come in handy in the field.