Review of the Canon PowerShotElph 170 IS, Alpha 6300, Alpha 7Rll

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Everyone these days uses a camera. Most people use the camera in their smart phone, and they are easy to use, and often surprisingly efficient. There are many people, however, who prefer the feel of an actual camera in their hands, a camera that can take an even better photograph. With the invention of the digital camera, anyone can learn to take beautiful photographs. It is just a matter of choosing the right camera for you.

The Entry Level Camera: Point and Shoot

Canon and Nikon are such well known names in the camera world that it is easy to start with them. One of the latest, and coolest of all the basic cameras is the Canon PowerShotElph 170 IS. These small, slim cameras fit into any purse, backpack or travel bag, and can be taken anywhere. They pack zoom lenses, which make them better than any smart phone camera, but mainly use CCD sensor technology. You may find this technology can limit your image quality when you shoot at a high ISO setting, and the best video quality can be limited to 720p. This camera will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but is a great alternative to a smart phone.

The Cool Middle Camera

A really cool camera in the mid price range is the Sony Alpha 6300. This is the latest replacement for the Sony flagship camera, the APS-C Alpha NEX-7. The new model is not any better in terms of resolution, but doe4s improve on the excellent autofocus system that is included in the previous model. There is also a 4K video capture feature, and crisper EVF, as well as a weather sealed design. This camera has been voted an even better mirrorless camera than the Samsung NX 1.

The Alpha 6300 looks much like the earlier model, the Alpha 6000. It is available in black only, and is a solid little mirrorless camera with a corner EVF, a Tilting LCD and a good handgrip. You can buy a power zoom lens for this camera, which can cost over one thousand dollars, but certainly increases the quality of any photograph you intend taking. The body of the Sony Alpha 6300 is tough, made of a mixture of plastic, rubber and metal, and as it is waterproof and dustproof, can be used in any weather.

A Real Professional

Whenever you see a professional photographer taking pictures, you will probably see a Canon or Nikon camera. There are certainly some other first rate alternatives, like the Sony Alpha 7Rll, but you cannot go wrong with the great Nikon D810. This camera is tough and built to endure all the rough and tumble of extensive daily use, and still continue to deliver the excellent quality in images that professionals need.

This Nikon camera includes some major improvements on the old D800 cameras, and is an advance on the older ones in every respect. This D810 has even greater per-pixel resolution, more capable video capture and altogether a greater performance than any of the previous models.

Shopping for a camera is not easy, with all the models and brands that are available. Decide whether you want a basic camera, a mid size one, or a full professional type, and once you have made up your mind, one of these cool cameras will definitely suit your needs.