The Rise of The popularity of MOBAs as eSports

Multiplayer online battle arena games, more commonly known as MOBAs are an essential part of online entertainment because of their accessibility, their learning curve and most importantly, they are really fun with or without friends. It’s even possible for anyone to make more friends while playing due to their nature as cooperative games where you use your skills and different strategies along with your teammates to reach the final goal of the game, destroying the enemy base (Nexus, Ancient, etc)

Now, MOBAs are not exactly the most easy to watch because they tend to be complex and full of different key actions made by every single player (typically 10 players per match) roughly at the same time, so, why are MOBAs the most popular kind of game to watch online?

It could be for various reasons that we are going to discuss:

MOBAs are easier to learn than you might think, yes, they are extremely hard to master and require patience, practice and decision making but with online help and some matches you can get the gist of it pretty easily and start watching online competitions like The International or WORLDS to further improve your skills and technique in the game

Comparing them to CSGO as an example, MOBAs are way more diverse and offer a great variety of different and unique characters with their own combination of abilities making the viewing experience more varied from match to match

Another point is the perspective or point of view of the spectators, in most MOBAs the camera is on top of the map making it easier to see a good amount of terrain and actions at the same time with the possibility of moving it and going directly where the action is happening or something worth watching is about to happen. This possibility of free move is on FPS like CSGO but the first person view is preferred limiting the amount of visibility. It’s a convenience thing.

MOBAs are way more accessible, the most famous ones are completely free to play even when they first came out years ago facilitating the making and growth of online communities based on the games, you can spend money on cosmetic items but they won’t give you any kind of tactical advantage more than looking cool.

Games like Dota 2, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm don’t require a lot of RAM or processing power to run decently enough to play them even if you need to lower the graphical settings by a little, this means that almost any computer can play them, this is a great advantage over other games that may look better overall at the cost of very expensive computer parts that not everyone can afford.

MOBAs have a lot of advantages compared to other kind of games as we can see, MOBAs still have a lot of potential to unfold and people are expecting it while enjoying the current state of them, improvements will be made and the competition must keep up!