The Unrealistic Career Path In The Pro-gaming Industry

The video game industry is gradually on the rise, and it has proven to be attractive to most of the young boys. This has become a worrying trend as most young boys get addicted to these games such that they are no longer attentive to their studies or anything else.

But Why The Craze? Young boys have unrealistic expectations about forging a career path in video gaming. Most parents are strict about their kids spending time playing a video game when they could have spent it improving themselves academically. Teachers are not left behind either, as they also don’t encourage pupils playing the game.

Many perceptions have been created towards addiction to video games. Indeed, you will come across certain rhetorics such as “You don’t have a life”, “You are just wasting your precious time’’ etc. If, as a young boy, you decide to spend all day playing video games, you are considered a loser for wasting precious time on games which don’t have any significance in real life.

The major concern for most gamers is that they start video gaming at a young age, and they hardly receive support from their parents and teachers. Parents also are not willing to support kids who decide to indulge in a video game which they believe doesn’t have a bright future for them.

Here are some points to back up the notion that young boys are merely having unrealistic expectations about this potential career path in the video game pro-gaming industry.

Gaming Is Played Just For Fun

Most mature and professional gamers have a great sense of business acumen and maturity which most of the young boys don’t have. They can control the time spent playing a video game as they are also involved in other activities.

Most pro gamers have other investments and business to support them. However, a non-pro gamer is still too young to control his obsession for video games, and it could affect his studies.

Real Friends Can’t Be Made Playing Video Games

Most friends made through video gaming are also video game addict who will only convince you that all you will do is spend most of your time playing the game. The friends made are also kids who do not care about making a good career path elsewhere other than the unrealistic gaming industry. Tournament Winnings Alone Can’t Sustain You Even most pro gamers have inconsistent streams of income. Perhaps some might even win tournaments, but this also is not regular and not enough to sustain them. These statistics is bad for a non-pro gamer who wants to leave everything else to go on a white elephant career pursuit. There’s No Longevity as a Gamer

Even if the non-pro gamer ends up becoming a pro (after several years and giving up an exciting career somewhere else), they will spend just a few years at the top and in the game.

Life’s Most Valuable Lessons Can’t Be Learned Through Gaming

Most gamers devote too many hours of their day to playing video games such that they become detached from reality and the society at large. You will find most players not having a good social life outside of the video game. Most of the time, they lack the discipline, awareness, and focus that is required of them.

Parents should sensitize their young boys about their unrealistic expectations of having a career path in the pro-gaming industry. After all is said and done, video gaming is meant to be just a game.