How Drones are changing the photography game

Drones revolutionizing photography

Before the birth of this wonderful technology, photography was done using helicopters and planes which was very high up as compared to drone photography. Drone technology has enable aerial shots while you are on the ground. How? It is done through remote navigation and a controller.

High definition drone camera can capture incredible footage from above which can be used for inspections, promotional footage and even general view from above. It has been game changing for enthusiasts and professionals who are in macro photography and wedding photography. It has made it possible to shoot at an angle and altitude that is impossible with the regular cameras.

Drone camera setup is controlled by skilled pilot who can actually rotate and adjust the position of the camera to shoot certain locations and objects. He can also accurately and quickly map land areas which was time consuming with the past technology.

Drones and areas of application

Drones have been employed in various fields since it is cost-effective and efficient. The following areas has experience successful use of drone camera setup changing the photography game:

1. Agriculture
2. Energy
3. Security
4. Construction
5. Mining
6 conservation

How drones are changing the photography game in various fields

1. Agriculture

Drone cameras are flown to conduct aerial survey and collect data which will then be used to create a 3D mapping. Thereafter, drones are armed different range of sensors then flown through the same areas to assess crop health and density among other things. It gathers information which will then be studied through a digital render to give farmers a view of their produce as it is. This reduces time wastage for movement and promote a quick response based on gathered information.

Mapping of your farm through drones significantly help during fertilizer and pesticide application. How? You can be able to determine the degree of accuracy and this saves you a lot of money and unnecessary application of pesticides which has greater negative effects.

2. Mining

Aerial data is used to determine the mining sites which can be used to carefully monitor the progress of mining activities over time. Drones are useful for huge mining projects. The teams on the ground can be able to to carry it at a lower cost and high efficiency.

3. Construction

Drones and mapping software are used by construction managers and planners to get the overview of the land before the onset of the projects. This will enable the construction managers to give instructions, ideas, plot progress and adapt plans once the project begins. Aerial monitoring of progress from above has made it more successful.

4. Conservation

Drones can be used to asses the impacts of deforestation and agriculture on wildlife habitats. It is hard to reach this areas especially in presence of wildlife. Drones have made it possible to reach and monitor at a safer place.


Drones have made the photography game possible by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. I have not exhausted its impact but this technology has opened new avenues for improvement in the field of photography. Congratulations to the flag bearers of the drone technology.